4 days – 4 nights so far.  I’m not doing as well as I thought I would.  It was a long drive today across Colorado and Kansas and we have stopped in Dodge City to experience the old west!  Unfortunately by the time we arrived, it was closed.  We will go check it out tomorrow and then try to power through Kansas.   My daughter doesn’t want to sleep in the same state twice so I am trying to accommodate.  Well, I’m off to a very nice bath and a glass of wine. 

Happy trails.

Day 2 – Farmington NM

The kids have been great – it was mom who was asking, “Are we there yet?”. 

We went to the Grand Canyon today and just like the first time I went, I was a little …bored.   I thought my 10 year old was going to fall over the edge … I know I wanted to.   Okay – it’s beautiful country.  I enjoyed the area around the canyon more.  The rock formations were awesome and I was amazed at the amount of trees.  We couldn’t find a hotel room in Kayenta so we drove another 126 miles to Farmington.  It was 10:45 pm when we arrived – thank goodness that the kids were watching the entire 4th season of One Tree Hill and hardly noticed the time.

Like I said the kids were great and tomorrow I am going to try and be great too!

Until Tomorrow…

Day 1 – Kingman, AZ

Twenty years ago today I left the east coast and drove to California.  Today I’m leaving California to drive back to the east coast.  This time I have 2 extra people with me, my children. 

We left Cypress, CA and drove for what seemed like we drove forever but one and half hours later we stopped in Barstow, CA.   We stopped at  State Line where I lost money in the machines.   The kids were bored so we moved on.  Next stop Hoover Dam.  We parked and walked to the visitors center and the kids bought some DAM trinkets.   Are you excited yet?  Well, neither were they!  We are 4 hours out of CA and I get … Are we there yet?  We started for Kingman and realized that we forgot to get gas.  But someone was watching over me because out of nowhere there appeared a gas sign!   I turned off the road and followed a small winding road that went on forever and as we made the last turn, the car spuddered and there it was…one lonely gas pump sitting by a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains.  Talk about divinity!  We continued on to Kingman.  The sunset was magnificent.  We arrived just before a rain stom hit. 

So as we snuggle into our cozy hotel beds, I can say that day one all things considered was quite successful.

Thanks for stopping by and check in tomorrow as we go to the Grand Canyon.

Only 6 more days until we start our journey.  I feel like I’m in a holding pattern.  I need devine intervention to get these boxes packed and ready to go but for now devine intervention is a lovely bottle of chardonnay!  I’m excited to get on the road but alas the boxes are still empty..must fill.


August 2021